DLM, formerly a division of Kuss Corporation, was founded in Findlay, Ohio in the 1950’s. Our years of experience and technological advancement have allowed us to thrive in various water containment applications. Some examples of our linings include ponds, cisterns, rainwater harvesting systems, spas and tanks and containment for hazardous materials. We also manufacture:

  • Baffle Curtain Systems for water treatment facilities – developed to add chlorine retention time to drinking water
  • Agricultural Products such as silo liners and Harvestore®-style breather bags
  • Biotechnology products which include clean rooms, medical isolators.

We also offer plastic welding and fabricating services. Utilizing our vast array of engineering and manufacturing expertise allows us to design and produce customized, per-contract products that are designed and fabricated to meet the individual needs of our customers.

DLM Plastics is a strong contributor to the Ohio economy and with technical innovations, top-quality products, new product development and a total commitment to customer satisfaction we continue to maintain a superior reputation worldwide.