Landscaping Tree Rings

DLM Landscaping Tree Ring on a young oak tree after installation but before mulchingDLM Landscaping Tree Rings are donut-shaped flexible plastic discs that are placed around the base of a tree or plant and then covered with mulch. The ring provides a barrier that keeps weeds from growing up around the base of the tree or plant. Another benefit is that by creating an area around the base of the plant that has no weeds (or grass) you can actually save time while mowing your yard because you can virtually eliminate trimming time.

Some key benefits to the DLM Tree Landscaping Rings:

  1. We use flexible materials to allow the ring to conform to the contour of the ground below the plant.
  2. We can add perforations in the rings to allow for water drainage
  3. As with all of our products, we custom-make every ring so we can offer a nearly endless array of sizes and shapes.

As noted above, we custom-make every product we sell so, if you do not see the specific size or configuration you need in our online store listings, please contact us and we will provide you with a custom quotation.

Following are some before and after photos when used on a group of new plantings:

DLM Landscaping Tree Rings installed on new plantings - BEFORE and AFTER (before mulching)

Interested in placing an order for our Landscaping Tree Rings?  We offer the following convenient options:

Visit our online store for more details and to see a listing of our standard sizes.
Remember that we can custom-make any size or shape you might need, simply contact us with details.