Custom & Contract Manufacturing

DLM has been manufacturing made-to-order products for many years. These specialized, per contract, products tap into a wide array of markets from airport hangar curtains to wood veneering accessories. Our Engineering Department works with everyone from architects to entrepreneurs in developing new products that fit specific needs.

Many of these products are built on a contract basis. Meaning, we will work with you to develop an idea from concept to prototype to production and we will treat our relationship as exclusive.

Following are some examples:

Airport Hangar Curtains – large doors used on airport hangars

Industrial Curtains – custom-sized, see through curtains used for sectioning off areas of a manufacturing facility where powder coating of parts can create a dust problem.

Portable Fish Ladders – used during bridge construction allowing fish to migrate through the river without affecting construction – FDA and NSF approved materials had to be used.

Adjustable Wrist Bowling Glove Wrist Supports – inflatable air bladders placed in bowling gloves to allow for adjustable comfort and support.

Transportation Vessels for Exotic Fish – large double-walled bladders that are use to carry fish on ships.

Spa and Baptismal Font Liners – liners made using special materials in custom shapes – benches and unique contours are also available.

Wood Veneering Accessories – bags made from high-end materials that are used in conjunction with vacuum pumps instead of clamps in woodworking.

The above listing includes just a few of these “per contract” products and are being shown as examples of our capabilities. Please call us to see if you have a product that is compatible with our manufacturing processes.