Secondary Containment

We have applied our extensive design and manufacturing knowledge to the production of a variety of specialized lining applications.

Secondary Containment solutions offered by DLM provide the added barrier between hydrocarbons and other hazardous material holding tanks and the ground water supply. The use of specialized materials formulated to resist the affects of harsh materials and a proven track record of quality lining solutions are the keys to our success.

Retention of storm water runoff is a growing market due to the myriad local regulations that crop up every year. Most of which require any new parking lots to hold storm water in a pond on the property rather than draining straight into the local storm sewers. DLM offers several solutions for this type of application including our ability to provide one-piece drop in place liners up to larger ponds and reservoirs that require in-field seaming.

Remediation and Reclamation of hazardous materials are very environmentally significant jobs that in some cases require the use of linings. You can rest assured that by choosing DLM to provide your liner you are giving your field crew a valuable tool to help them perform their job efficiently and without the headaches involved in leaks due to sub-standard craftsmanship.

All of our linings are made from the finest quality materials using the latest CAD/CAM technology all of which provide for one thing…satisfied customers.

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