Liner Attachment Methods

Attachment Methods
We employ several different methods to secure our linings in place each of which provide specific advantages depending on your application. Below are a few of our more popular attachment styles:

Batten Method
Batten strips are anchored directly through the liner into the support wall. We fabricate a reinforcement hem into the top of the liner to provide extra support. DLM can supply you with all of the battens and anchors in a variety of materials.

Beaded Method
We weld an extruded lip to the top of the liner which is inserted into a track anchored to the top or sides of your support wall. The track, which we also supply, is a PVC-based product that is typically anchored into metal or wooden support walls.

Trench Method
Used primarily in pond applications, we supply an added amount of liner material that is folded into a perimeter trench. The trench is then backfilled thereby securing the liner in place.