Baffle Curtain

DLM Baffle Curtain Systems offer an economical way to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act rules for treatment of surface water that requires increased chlorine contact time in clearwells. Installation of DLM baffle curtains directs water flow back and forth around the curtains in the clearwell thereby increasing chlorine contact time, which aids in the control of Cryptosporidium.


DLM Advantages

  • DLM baffle curtains are custom-made to fit any size, shape or configuration clearwell.
  • Our flexible baffle curtains can fit through small man-way openings for ease of installation.
  • DLM baffle curtains can be installed in both new clearwells or can be retrofit into existing clearwells – with properly sanitized equipment, divers can even install our curtain system without shutting down and draining the clearwell.
  • We can supply all necessary hardware to anchor the curtains in place eliminating the need for multiple suppliers – we offer several different methods of attachment depending on the needs of the project.
  • DLM Baffle Curtains are fabricated using either Hypalon® or XR®3-PW which are both NSF-approved for drinking water.
  • DLM will produce submittal drawings for job-site verification and approval prior to fabrication.
  • We offer fast delivery to facilitate project deadlines.
  • All of our curtains are fabricated with reinforced hems on all sides to add strength for anchoring purposes.
  • If required, our systems are to allow for obstructions such as pipe penetrations, multiple chamber flow-throughs and bearing walls inside the clearwell.
  • DLM can provide in-field supervision upon request.

Click here to review some examples of typical baffle curtains installations. Or you may want to view scenes from a baffle job.

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