Pond Liners

Standard-Grade Pond Liner Installation

We have been making pond liners for over 40 years!  We provide pond liners for backyard ponds and landscapes, water gardens, Koi ponds, farm ponds, golf courses as well as commercial aquaculture operations using only the finest quality fish and plant compatible materials to produce long-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing results every time.  Following are our most popular material options:

Designer (25-mil Tan Pebble PVC) – Click to Buy
(20-mil Black PVC) – Click to Buy
Enhanced (30-mil Blue PVC) – Click to Buy
Contractor (40-mil Black PVC) – Click to Buy
Commercial (40-mil Black/Blue PE) – Click to Buy
Economy (14-mil Black/White PE) – Click to Buy



Designer-Grade pond liners are supplied in a 25-mil thick tan PVC and come with a pebble design printed on one side.  These liners can be installed with either the pebble print or plain tan facing up.

Standard-Grade pond liners are great for most residential applications as they are light yet durable and can withstand years of normal use even in the harshest of climates.

Enhanced-Grade pond liners are 50% thicker and are offered in Blue color for an added unique touch.

Contractor-Grade pond liners are twice as thick as our Standard-Grade liners and are best-suited for larger recreational ponds that are intended for swimming or to contain fish and other wildlife.

Commercial-Grade pond liners offer superior tensile strength and puncture resistance and are 50% lighter weight than our Contractor-Grade liners.  They are also fabricated with extra-wide 2″ welds for added performance.  This material is Black on one side and Blue on the other (you choose which side faces up).

Economy-Grade pond liners are made from ultra lightweight Polyethylene (PE) that has a reinforcement scrim embedded in the material to provide rip-stop in the event of a tear plus these liners are BLACK on one side and WHITE on the other (you choose which side faces up).

The key is to determine what material is best-suited for your intended use. We have broken down the pond liner ordering process to a few simple steps: Think about the primary purpose of your pond.

Is your objective:

  • creating backyard ambiance
  • personal recreation (i.e. swimming)
  • containing fish or other plant and wildlife
  • weed control or containing storm water runoff

Determine the shape and size, including depth, of your pond – keep in mind when making these decisions: certain types of aquatic life require specific depths to thrive and going too deep may require venting under the liner – Contact Us for details.

Are you interested in high-volume projects?  We also offer private label and bulk processing for 100’s, 1000’s, 10000’s, 100000’s of liners at a time that meet your material and packaging specifications – Contact Us for details.

Our specialty is custom-designed and manufactured lining solutions but, we do have a list of many common sizes of Koi pond liners and water garden liners shown in our online catalog. After you have made your determination on the size, shape and material to be used for your pond liner, choose from one of our convenient options below:

Visit our online Store to place an order
Request a quote for a size not listed
(we can supply liners in single-piece panels over 100,000 square feet in size)
Select from our Shop by Size Chart below

Remember, we custom-make every liner and most sizes are shipped in around five (5) business days or less!
(Note: Larger sizes may require slightly longer lead-time)

To assist you in your purchase, we have developed the following shop by size chart for some of the more common sizes or you can browse all of our common sizes by clicking here.

Under 100 Square Feet

100 to 200 Square Feet

200 to 350 Square Feet

350 to 600 Square Feet

600 to 1,000 Square Feet

1,000 to 1,800 Square Feet

1,800 to 2,500 Square Feet

2,500 to 4,000 Square Feet

4,000 to 10,000 Square Feet

3×10 3×50 3×75 6×75 9×75 12×100
18×100 27×100 42×100
3×15 6×20 3×100 6×100
9×100 15×75 21×100 30×100 48×100
3×20 6×25 6×50
9×50 10×96 15×100 24×75 36×75 50×80
3×25 9×15 9×25 10×48 12×75 18×75 24×100 36×100 54×75
9×20 10×24 12×50 15×50 21×50 27×75 42×75 54×100
10×12 12×20 15×25 18×50 21×75 30×75 48×75 60×75
10×15 12×25 18×20
25×27 24×50 36×50 50×54 60×100
6×15 10×18 15×15 18×25 25×30 27×50 42×50 50×60 72×75
21×25 27×30 30×50 48×50 72×100
24×25 80×100

Request a quote for a size not listed
(we can supply liners in single-piece panels over 100,000 square feet in size)