Cistern Liners

We have been a leading manufacturer of cistern liners, catchment tank liners and other potable water containment applications for well over 20 years. Our liners are used in both new installations and retrofit projects to provide an impermeable barrier to eliminate leaks caused by cracking or porous surfaces inside your tank.  Our engineers have become quite adept at finding solutions for such irregularities as multiple chambers with flow-throughs and overflow notches, pipe penetrations and sump wells. Our cistern and catchment tank liners are available in a variety of potable and non-potable grade materials including some that are NSF-approved for drinking water.  In addition, we offer numerous attachment methods for hanging your liner into place.

Combine our years of experience with our use of application-specific materials and our variety of attachment styles and you will see that we have a distinct advantage over other suppliers. Don’t settle for second best. After all, when it comes to healthy water used in and around your home – especially drinking water – you can never be too careful.

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DLM is a proud member of ARCSA, the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association